Hoofdpad RenaissanceThe paths of change are natural, inherent feature of our universe, cultural and normal. There exists nothing – nothing we can perceive – outside the “map of reality perceptions”. I use exactly these words, because they convey, convert, con-notate the meanings I need to express: reality is perception, from the Latin “capere”, to make, captured, invented. We invent our own realities, negotiating what is “real” by looking at what “works”. See, amongst others, Watzlawick, The Invented Reality.

Every path of change on the map is also the path of the least resistance, the least work. The basic idea behind me facilitating, is using, accepting, carrying, maintaining the resistance to change (mass, remember, is also the mass of people, inertia) in order to overcome the resistance to change. An uneasy task. Creating reality at a higher speed, requires carrying a greater mass, more energy. By using the ability to “foresee” the future of reality – a reality reality itself cannot perceive – , I provide energy for the transformation. Another word, I used to use, and perhaps better, is “catalyst”, catalyse.

(Deze en de vorige bijdrage stonden eerder, in iets gewijzigde vorm, op de Linked-In groep I feel this question and its train of thought is right on the money: Is math real? van Smart Technology Network)

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Loves to facilitate groups in complex situations
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