There is a Y in you

There is a Y in you, off course. But I do not mean the letter Y, I mean the icon, the picture of Y. It both symbolizes splitting (from the ground up) and merging (top down). And also, that “you” are there. You are present in every situation. We’ve been taught to look at a situation as if you’re not in it. It is called being objective. It is not wrong. What is wrong, is that their is either “you’re in it” or “you’re out of it”. When you’re “out” you’re still in. When you’re in, you can distance yourself. You have options, choices possibilities. Not one (other) choice.

Off course this comes at a price. The price we pay for being “out-side” is loneliness. It is praised as individualism. The price for being “in-side”, is that you’re responsible for every situation you’re in. It is your creation. We refrain from doing some because it makes us god-like. We create our own world (which, by the way, comes from “old age of men”). So, you can now understand, why in a world of individuals, the concept of god is splitted of and gained “a life of its own”. In an individual world, god is responsible, not men.

Over Jan Lelie

Loves to facilitate groups in complex situations
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