Crossing over

The core paradox has been described by Spencer-Brown in Laws of Form: “make a distinction”, or O . This creates a boundary, | . He proves how space and time can be derived from this, as well as logic. “Making a distinction” (differentiating) off course somehow presupposes something or someone being able to make, to create or initiate a distinction. So any distinction made (distinguishing), makes (or implies) itself too. In Hebrew, I’ve been told, the verb to create is the same as to separate, to create is also to make a distinction.

So naturing nature is the very source of herself and our being. From this, we can easily see how nature “has to” find ways and means to become conscious of herself. There really is no other option. Conciousness is an emergent property of the paradoxes created through the separations. The distinctions distinguishing themselves. The paradoxical tensions also supply the energy to both maintains the differences and annihilate them. This is the dynamics of the world. (The other way around would be: “we could only become conscious, when there is something like consciousness”. This could be perceived as being given, created or acquired. In my view, this doesn’t make a difference)

Facilitators make connections (“li”). Off course, you can only make connections, when you have distinctions, differences. If this is the distinction: |, the connection would be — so we would create a cross, + . Interestingly, this is the same word Spencer-Brown uses, when we “cross a distinction”. A network, connected crosses, is just the way nature organizes herself into. So, in the same way, we create networks.

What I find interesting, is that the word “work” is in networking. In my view, “doing the work”, is about becoming conscious. In Dutch, it is even funnier, because there network sounds like “sounds like work”.

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