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Waar staat faciliteren voor?

Henri kaart op LinkedIn in de groep Platform Faciliteren, de vraag aan “what’s in a name?“. Wat, als faciliteren niet duidelijk is, is wel een duidelijke naam. Ook binnen de IAF-World komt dit punt steeds op. Naamgeving komt voort uit … Lees verder

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Facilitating leadership

Jeppe Lajer asked me: “What do you think a leader or facilitator can do to raise his/her capacity to love working with groups while being conscious of his/her inadequacies?“. The answer is: “I don’t know”. But of course, i do … Lees verder

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How to recognize a CPF?

I’ve added my thoughts on branding the facilitator in a Linked-In group discussion. It illustrates chapter 8 of my book. I’ve added here a few uses of this tension. Pinning down I’ve just received my CPF-pin (with the old IAF-logo, … Lees verder

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Grenzenloos faciliteren

Dit is het thema van de facilitator conferentie 2015: “Grenzenloos Faciliteren“. Samenvatting Grenzen bepalen ons gedrag. Grenzen en relaties horen bij elkaar, als een echt-paar. We kunnen niet zonder en we kunnen niet met grenzen. En daaruit ontstaan de fenomenen … Lees verder

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Crossing over

The core paradox has been described by Spencer-Brown in Laws of Form: “make a distinction”, or O . This creates a boundary, | . He proves how space and time can be derived from this, as well as logic. “Making … Lees verder

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Perceiving perceptions

In the explanation to the question Facilitators unite! A brand new brand is coming our way…. , we can read: “…how we are perceived by both our members and the public at large…” hints at the paradoxes of perception (and … Lees verder

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Live life live

Changing metaphors In “Systems Thinking World” – think about that – there was opened a discussion on Changing metaphors. Here are some of my remarks, the mark made again. The quote from Fritjof Capra: “life and cognition are inseparable”, Spencer … Lees verder

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Power of money talking

In Systems Thinking, Denis raised the question: “What would happen if we lived in a global environment where capital accumulation would be limited?“. It is an interesting debate. Let’s look at it from a phenomenological perspective. Limit capital? I need … Lees verder

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2nd Professional Facilitator

My first book is named: “Facilitation as a Second Vocation“. Professing comes from “to speak forth”, “having declared publicly and freely”, “making a vow”, to use one’s voice. I used “second vocation” or “second profession” for different reasons. Paradoxes of … Lees verder

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Paradox van scheppen = splitsen

Geleidelijk aan krijg ik grip op de weerbarstige materie van de paradoxen. Paradoxen zijn schijnbare tegenstellingen. Ze zijn niet ontstaan als bijproduct van ons denken of onze taal, maar ze zijn het ontstaan. In de betekenisleer wordt gedacht dat we … Lees verder

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