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How to recognize a CPF?

I’ve added my thoughts on branding the facilitator in a Linked-In group discussion. It illustrates chapter 8 of my book. I’ve added here a few uses of this tension. Pinning down I’ve just received my CPF-pin (with the old IAF-logo, … Lees verder

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Perceiving perceptions

In the explanation to the question Facilitators unite! A brand new brand is coming our way…. , we can read: “…how we are perceived by both our members and the public at large…” hints at the paradoxes of perception (and … Lees verder

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2nd Professional Facilitator

My first book is named: “Facilitation as a Second Vocation“. Professing comes from “to speak forth”, “having declared publicly and freely”, “making a vow”, to use one’s voice. I used “second vocation” or “second profession” for different reasons. Paradoxes of … Lees verder

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