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Facilitating leadership

Jeppe Lajer asked me: “What do you think a leader or facilitator can do to raise his/her capacity to love working with groups while being conscious of his/her inadequacies?“. The answer is: “I don’t know”. But of course, i do … Lees verder

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Crossing over

The core paradox has been described by Spencer-Brown in Laws of Form: “make a distinction”, or O . This creates a boundary, | . He proves how space and time can be derived from this, as well as logic. “Making … Lees verder

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Perceiving perceptions

In the explanation to the question Facilitators unite! A brand new brand is coming our way…. , we can read: “…how we are perceived by both our members and the public at large…” hints at the paradoxes of perception (and … Lees verder

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One principle of facilitation

Martin Gilbraith asked: Is there a single universal principle of facilitation and learning? Yes, of course not. No and yes, Martin, more or less. It is + (cross, plus-sign) : any universe unfolds itself in a fourfold way. That’s why … Lees verder

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