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Grenzenloos faciliteren

Dit is het thema van de facilitator conferentie 2015: “Grenzenloos Faciliteren“. Samenvatting Grenzen bepalen ons gedrag. Grenzen en relaties horen bij elkaar, als een echt-paar. We kunnen niet zonder en we kunnen niet met grenzen. En daaruit ontstaan de fenomenen … Lees verder

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( ) meaning or life?

Meaning resides at the very core, heart, centre, or cross of facilitation. We usually talk about facilitation of groups. In order for a group to move ahead, it has to discover its own meaning (“what are we doing here?” “who … Lees verder

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Meervoudig faciliteren

Hallo rationaliteit! We leven in een rationele, bewuste werkelijkheid. Dat is de buitenkant van onze onbekende, on­der­bewuste en irrationele wereld. Ratio en bewustzijn zijn echter inherent aspecten van irrationaliteit en onder- of onbewuste fenomeen. Ze gedragen zich als het ware … Lees verder

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Principles of emergence

Continuing the discussion on the Linked-In group, I have to add: Both facilitating and learning are “emergent processes” or “autonomous phenomena” or “experiences”. They kind of emerge from distinctions made, created as principles, by our mind. It is not that … Lees verder

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What is leadership?

This is my contribution to a dialogue on Systems Thinking on leadership: What is leadership? Leadership – as a word – consists of “lea” and “ship“. The root of “lea” is in the Sanskrit “yui”, We find it also in … Lees verder

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Dealing with information bias

It is a bit like the joke from Weick on the three base ball referees discussing how the call a ball, in or out. The first one says: “ I calls them as I sees them”. The second one says: … Lees verder

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