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( ) meaning or life?

Meaning resides at the very core, heart, centre, or cross of facilitation. We usually talk about facilitation of groups. In order for a group to move ahead, it has to discover its own meaning (“what are we doing here?” “who … Lees verder

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2nd Professional Facilitator

My first book is named: “Facilitation as a Second Vocation“. Professing comes from “to speak forth”, “having declared publicly and freely”, “making a vow”, to use one’s voice. I used “second vocation” or “second profession” for different reasons. Paradoxes of … Lees verder

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Paradox van scheppen = splitsen

Geleidelijk aan krijg ik grip op de weerbarstige materie van de paradoxen. Paradoxen zijn schijnbare tegenstellingen. Ze zijn niet ontstaan als bijproduct van ons denken of onze taal, maar ze zijn het ontstaan. In de betekenisleer wordt gedacht dat we … Lees verder

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Facilitating or Project Managing? Yes!

Yesterday I had the pleasure to facilitate two meetings with project professionals in one day. Both about facilitating projects. A lot of questions where about the differences and similarities of the jobs. Are they different? Or do they belong to … Lees verder

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Life, universe, everything

Summary In this contribution, 1 merges everything into one. Pragmatical paradoxes Life, universe and everything is inherently paradoxical. Paradox results from making a distinction, any distinction will do. (See: Laws of Form, Spencer-Brown; Paradoxes of Group Life by Smith and … Lees verder

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Van alle paradoxen is de paradox van macht – power – voor facilitators de meest belangrijke. Het gaat namelijk om je zelf “uitdrukken” – expression -, (voor jezelf) te spreken. Daarom noemde MicroSoft, onbewust wellicht, haar presentatie applicatie “powerpoint“: met … Lees verder

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Principles of emergence

Continuing the discussion on the Linked-In group, I have to add: Both facilitating and learning are “emergent processes” or “autonomous phenomena” or “experiences”. They kind of emerge from distinctions made, created as principles, by our mind. It is not that … Lees verder

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One principle of facilitation

Martin Gilbraith asked: Is there a single universal principle of facilitation and learning? Yes, of course not. No and yes, Martin, more or less. It is + (cross, plus-sign) : any universe unfolds itself in a fourfold way. That’s why … Lees verder

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Zijn we “In Control” of “Out of Control“? Dit is wat wij Natuurkundigen noemen een “undecidable proposition“, een onbeslisbaar voorstel. Er zijn geen experimenten mogelijk, waarmee aangetoond (beslist) kan worden dat we “in control” zijn, dan wel “out of it”. … Lees verder

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January 30 we’re organising with Marc van Seeters an event called HSD Live in Den Haag with Judy Tal. I was reading about HSD Institute. HSD is founded by Glenda Holladay Eoyang and based on her model called CDE, Container … Lees verder

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